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Anyone can be a good event planner but to be a great one takes passion, attention to detail and a good listening ear. I aim to give all my clients this and more, thriving to go over and beyond my client’s expectations. I aim to give all my clients a stress-free event taking on as much or as little charge as the client wishes.

I started this company after my own personal experience, I found myself questioning why I didn’t hire a wedding planner to begin with or better still to take over the day. Prior to my wedding I never found a Planner that made me feel like I could have my vision or even tried to understand it, initial communication with then felt to rigid and was already getting me stressed. I decided I wanted to be a planner that was different from what I had experienced, more approachable, fun and friendly.

Not only am I your planner I am also a friend, giving you a relaxed and genuine feeling that your day is in safe hands. My approach to things is to always have fun whilst doing things. Being professional does not have to be tense or hard. My grandma once told me

‘there is no hard job as long as you do the job whole-heartedly’,

and now I live by that. I want to help people enjoy life to the fullest and if I can make even the smallest contribution to that I would have fulfilled my dream.

As a planner I help my clients set realistic budgets to what they envision and stick to the numbers. The honest truth is you cannot put a price on your happiness but you can always set a mark, and I am all about the high standards and out of this world luxurious lifestyles. 

Most events can be the same thing over and over again the only difference is you,  therefore it’s my job to make sure I provide creative input that will make your event not just any other event by personalised tailoring making it memorable to you and your guests.

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Full Wedding Planning

This package includes everything from the wedding concept to supplier meetings to the final prep and then most importantly the coordination of the day. A wedding does not have to be stressful for you, this is why I am there. I make myself available for face-to-face meetings, phone calls and emails. I will produce timelines and schedules including floorplans and seating arrangements. Every plan has the potential to be altered for a number of reasons and it is my job to handle all the orders and changes. Advice and emotional support will be offered throughout the process. As a Wedding planner I will meet up with you as many times as necessary before the wedding. I will be with them every step of the way providing guidance and counselling when needed. I will help source venues and all other suppliers according to the specification and provide options to present to you for your pick. I will negotiate the best price from the suppliers and manage the budget.


Partial Wedding Planning

You may have already booked the venue and the caterer but you are now unsure of what or who or where to go next. This package is suited for you, I will then step in and help source the rest of it all for you until you reach the wedding day. The cost package is now dependant on how far into the planning you are and what planning you require. This package can be tailored to suit your requirements and can include as much or as little effort from me as required. You can also choose to include or not include the on the day coordination as well.

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On The Day Coordination

I work with all the information and you have provided us and the suppliers you have chosen. We coordinate with them at least 4 weeks before the event and ensure that everything they have promised you is according to your agreement. If I have not planned the wedding then 2-3 weeks before will be a detailed handover period with every single piece of information that you have decided on. This package includes my attendance at the wedding rehearsal and the management of the order of events for the duration of the day including the set up by suppliers. Engaging and managing guests is my speciality and I do it with a smile and your peace of mind will be guaranteed.

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All Occasion Event Planning

I plan a variety of events from big to small, intimate family ones to corporate functions. It is important that all my clients feel rewarded by the attending the event. Both the host and their guests are well looked after. I will take charge of as much or as little of the planning depending on what the clients requirements are and will make sure that the event runs as smoothly as possible. I plan amazing events for people who love hosting, but don’t have the time or expertise to hash out the details.



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