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Professional Event Planner

Mai-Biz Events is a small events planning and management business. We offer a variety of bespoke services tailored to the client’s needs. We always work within the provided budget and any given timescales and will go the extra mile to make your dreams come true. We make the most important events in our clients’ lives be as memorable and enjoyable as possible.

We also run a tailored service that offers childcare for special events. we understand that not all events you host you would like kids to attend. We have a team of professionals that will provide a variety of packages that will enable you enjoy your day whilst your kids are in safe hands.

List of Services:

- Event Dressing

- Idea Generation

- Wedding Planning

- On the day Coordination

- Event Management

- Corporate event management 

Why not get in contact today for a free consultation and we can get started on your unforgettable event. You won’t regret it.


Behind the Scenes

Taffy Bizure

Founder of Mai-Biz Events. I am passionate about what I do. Just like you, when I was a little girl I dreamt of my perfect day. How I would glide into the room and all eyes would be on me. That feeling of perfection prompted me to start this company. I want that special day of yours to be the best it can be. I do not settle for less than perfect and will go a mile and half to ensure your day runs smoothly and stress free for you. I enjoy what I do and can be extremely creative. I ensure what I do is tailored to the clients taste and needs. As I intend to provide a tailored service I like to engage with the clients personally to make sure their vision is brought to life. I believe a personal touch in everything makes a difference to guests experience and  also memorable for my clients.

Outside of work I enjoy travelling and going to the theatre to watch live shows. 



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